Success Stories

Success StoriesMelinda became homeless shortly after her 18th birthday with her infant son. With the help of NWYS, they moved into a one-bedroom apartment. She now cares for her son, works part-time as a housecleaner, provides in-home caregiving to a sick friend, and participates in a church-based support group. She is working toward her GED and obtaining more steady employment.

120 youth and young adults participated in NWYS’ vocational program in 2015.


Success StoriesMaria reached out to NWYS during a stay at a local shelter. After getting housed, she wanted to give back to her community. Maria currently volunteers 20 hours a week organizing donations at a local nonprofit organization.

93% of Transitional Living Program clients participate
in community volunteer activities.


Success StoriesJenny and her family were living in a car and had never rented an apartment before. She was able to save up enough from a part-time job to pay for a portion of her first month’s rent. She now is renting an apartment through our Permanent Housing Program and is making plans to go to college.

In 2015, NWYS assisted 35 young adults in renting their own apartment through our Permanent Housing Program.


Success StoriesOur Detour Street Outreach team found Lucas after he had been living on the streets for three months. He visited his case manager every day until a housing space opened up for him. Now that he has housing, Lucas does not worry about finding a safe place to rest; he focuses more on accomplishing his goals and sharing his writing talents.

Nearly 700 youth were provided supplies or emergency services through NWYS’ Detour Street Outreach Program in 2015.


Success Stories

School has always been important to Rochelle, but an abusive home life prevented her from achieving educational success. Being at the PAD allows her to get eight hours of sleep every night and gives her the focus to earn straight A’s in school. She recently qualified to present at the Future Business Leaders of America Conference in Florida and earned a scholarship for prospective students to tour Stanford University.

88% of youth in the PAD Program exit into safe and stable housing.


Success Stories

A shy teenager, Dan’s struggle with a mental illness kept him from engaging with his community. He came to NWYS and worked with his counselor to identify what was happening in his brain. As Dan learned skills to manage his thoughts, he opened up to more conversations and his confidence began to grow. Today, Dan is much happier and more outgoing. He now actively participates in his community by working at a local restaurant and volunteering alongside We Grow gardeners.

At any given point, 75%-80% of NWYS participants are
experiencing challenges with their mental health.