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Cross Culture Engagement: There is no solidarity without accountability.

The purpose of this workshop would be to support participants in healing the internalized narratives that impact how we think of ourselves, our relationships with others, and empower us to co-create the conditions we want to live in. Participants will leave with some skills to determine how oppression is manufactured, and how choosing connection and understanding in the right circumstances can lead to collective liberation from false poverty, scarcity, etc.


Paris' Story

She like a hyphen, that thing that goes in between two or more words, phrases, identities or worlds... Paris Chapman is a community organizer, Intersectional anti-oppression preventionist, abolitionist, dancer, volleyball, aunty… and everything in between and then some. Professionally she’s been supporting her communities through housing, employment, education, and currently works in the realm of Gender Based Violence Prevention and Transformative Justice helping us to build collective intersectional analysis of GBV, Racism, and our country’s history of criminal legal and carceral systems. Personally, she struggles to stay aligned with her values, get’s tired of healing and just wants to act up, and maintains that she’s not trying to be anyone’s perfect example or expert… she’s just trying to be well and encourage others to be well collectively…

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