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Queer Youth Services brinda servicios de educación, defensa y apoyo a jóvenes queer, sus seres queridos y proveedores comunitarios.

Trans Fashion Treasury: Provides gender-affirming items such as clothing, makeup, binders, wigs, etc., free of charge.

  • Resource Navigation: Offers guidance and support for LGBTQ+ young people.
  • Safe Referrals: Connects individuals to queer-affirming services.

  • Support and Advocacy: Assists queer youth in various spaces, including schools and churches.

  • Monthly Queer Youth Meet-up: Hosted by NWYS, fostering community connections.

  • Support for Student Groups: Including QSAs (Queer-Straight Alliances) and GSAs (Gender-Sexuality Alliances).

  • Training for Providers: Conducts Queer-Affirming Care training for service providers.

  • Case Consultation: Provides expertise for other agencies.

  • Educational Programming: Offers educational sessions for the broader community.

  • Case Management: Provides personalized support for queer and trans youth.

Key Activities:

Last year (2023), QYS provided over two hundred gender-affirming items through the Trans Fashion Treasury, benefiting 37 individuals directly. This year, five youth have been assisted through the legal name change process, while many more have accessed updated documentation and necessary medical providers. Collaborating with our Director of Advocacy and Community Action, Eve, we've initiated poetry programs for youth held in juvenile detention facilities.


  • Donations: Currently seeking packaged undergarments in a variety of sizes for the Trans Fashion Treasury, especially plus sizes. Donations of formal clothes for upcoming queer proms are also appreciated.

  • Workshop Hosting: QYS aims to host workshops at the new site. If you possess skills and expertise that could benefit queer youth, please reach out to explore potential workshop opportunities. Your support is greatly valued!

Ways to Support:

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