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Youth Action Board (YAB)

A vibrant collective of young individuals aged 12-24 who share a common thread of lived experience in homelessness and housing instability.

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Liam (They/Him)

Outreach Projects Manager 

(360) 603-0100 Call or Text

Our Values

At the heart of our mission are the values of Healing, Justice, and Equity. The ACI is committed to addressing the specific challenges faced by BIPOC and LGBTQ+ youth in accessing safety, resources, and housing. We recognize the importance of creating an inclusive and supportive environment that caters to the unique needs of every individual.

Welcome to the Youth Action Board (YAB) – a vibrant collective of young individuals aged 12-24 who share a common thread of lived experience in homelessness and housing instability. As an integral part of the Whatcom Anchor Community Initiative (ACI), we amplify the voices of these remarkable young minds. Their passion and unique perspectives drive transformative, youth-led solutions that shape the initiatives and actions of the ACI.

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Pictured above are some members of our Youth Action Board at Olympia speaking with our representatives about policy. 

Our Mission

Empowered by the lived experiences of our members, the YAB plays a pivotal role in directly influencing the ACI's endeavors. Together, we strive to redefine how our community approaches and supports youth and young adults facing homelessness and housing insecurity.

The Anchor Communities Initiative (ACI)

Whatcom County organizations have united under the Anchor Communities Initiative (ACI), a project designed to enhance collaboration and streamline services for those in need. Our collective objective is ambitious yet essential – to achieve “functional zero” for youth homelessness in the county. This means that when a young person reaches out for housing assistance, our community can respond promptly, ensuring help is provided within less than a month.

Meet two of our YAB members!

Brett (he/him)

Youth Action Board Member and former PAD resident

"Northwest Youth Services helped me with my goals by letting me stay at the PAD, and get my GED, and seek proper housing. I've had help with my resume and getting jobs, and it's really just helped me turn my life around."

Rika (they/them)

Youth Action Board Member

"NWYS has helped me fine-tune my leadership skills and learn to be confident in my ideas and opinions. It gives youth a place where their voices can be heard, and a chance to voice our needs and receive help."

Support This Work 

Join us on this journey toward a more compassionate and responsive community. The YAB and ACI are dedicated to fostering positive change, one youth-led solution at a time. Together, we strive to build a future where no young person has to face homelessness alone.


Your support matters. Make a difference with us.

Stay Connected: Join Our Journey

Stay in the loop with all our adventures and updates by signing up for our newsletter. Expect monthly updates on each service area and milestones we’ve met. And if you’re inspired to make a difference, visit the link in our bio to coordinate a donation and become a part of this incredible journey.

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