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Thank you for your interest in volunteering

for the Light Their Path Gala.

Volunteers play a key role in making this event possible. From the planning of the event to supporting on the day of, we are seeking volunteers to carry out a wide variety of duties. 

Open Volunteer Positions

To join or learn more, please contact Development Coordinator,

Sigourney Gundy at or (360) 734-9862 Ext. 118. 

Procurement Chair 

Coordinates procurement subcommittee to secure high value in-kind items for the 2019 Gala.

Sponsorship Chair 

Coordinates sponsorship subcommittee to secure sponsorship for the 2019 Gala.

Audience Development Chair 

Coordinates subcommittee to engage Table Captains for the 2019 Gala.

Subcommittee Members

Work on subcommittees (Procurement, Sponsorship and/or Audience Development). 

Ad-Hoc Volunteers 

Volunteers who support leading up to the event, duties may include supporting with mailings, prepping registration packets, moving items to the venue, and much more! 

Day of Volunteers

Volunteers who take on various roles on November 8, 2019, such as decoration, guest check-in, ticket sales, and much more! 

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