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The last year has been one of growth and stability for Northwest Youth Services.  Hear from our staff and board on how an investment in Northwest Youth Services is an investment in a stronger community for all!


We seek to change the culture of acceptable poverty, and are working toward an equitable future for youth in our communities.  

Rowan manages our daylight shelter, The Ground Floor.  The team there are often the entry point for a young person's journey with Northwest Youth Services. 

Our Skagit Outreach Services help connect young people in the remote areas of Skagit County with services in order to address housing instability.

The Whatcom Street Outreach team meet young people on the streets in order to provide them access to resources.

Andy with our Skagit Housing team talks about the unique challenges young people face in finding stable housing that fits their needs.

Barry with our Whatcom Vocational Support program helps young people find jobs in order to become financially stable

Hannah with our Queer Youth Project helps LGBTQ+ youth connect with resources that help affirm their identity.

We believe housing is a human right, and the young people we serve deserve to find that stability within our communities

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