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Meet the MC for Our Healing Centered Engagement Gathering

Kristina (she/her)

Kristina's Story


Kristina Michele Martens is a distinguished advocate for human rights, who exhibited remarkable dedication and active engagement in local advocacy during the pivotal summers of 2020 and 2021. Her concerted efforts culminated in a strategic collaboration with Shu-Ling Zhao and the Chuckanut Health Foundation, resulting in the establishment of the Whatcom Racial Equity Commission. This landmark initiative stands as a testament to her commitment to fostering equity within the community.

Bolstered by her transformative work, Martens garnered encouragement to pursue a role in local governance. In 2022, she achieved a historic milestone, becoming the inaugural Black woman to serve on the Bellingham City Council. In her current capacity, Martens tirelessly champions the cause of robust and effectively enforced tenant and renter protections for the city of Bellingham.

Beyond her official duties, Martens remains deeply connected to the community, actively accepting almost every request to serve as an MC or facilitator. Notably, she recently concluded the fourth season of "Bellingham Idol," a singing competition she spearheads. This event offers community members a unique opportunity to embrace a rockstar persona as they vie for the prestigious title of reigning Bellingham Idol over a span of 12 intense weeks.

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