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Join Northwest Youth Services in celebrating Black History Month - a time to highlight and uplift all the Black Excellence in and around our lives.

Black History Month Resources:

Resources on Black history, perspective, and appreciation.

Association for the Study of African American Life and History

KEXP "Black History is Now"

USA Today - Black History Month; everything you need to know

White People, Celebrate Black History Month By Facing the Truth of White Supremacy "Black History Month"

Black History Month

NAACP: History Explained

12 Free Documentaries And Shows About Black History And Racism In America

Octavia's Parables

NoName Book Club

Black Excellence in our Community:

Highlighting local Black artists, business, writers, creators, and more.​

Black History Month Events:

Events featuring Black history & excellence

WWU Design Presentation: Sekani Solomon - February 3, 2022

WWU Guest Speaker Eddie Chambers: Black Artists and the Fetishization of the 1980s - February 3, 2022

CASCADIA Presents "The Bengali" - February 4, 2022

WWU Symphony Orchestra Presents Okoye and Beethoven - February 9, 2022

Northwest African American Museum Interactive Storytime: The ABCs of Black History - February 13, 2022

Pickford Film Center: Night Catches Us - February 19, 2022

From Slavery to Freedom Film Series: Blood Brothers: Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali - February 23, 2022

WWU Wind Symphony presents the works of Omar Thomas - February 24, 2022

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