philosophy of service

  • We believe that all children and youth deserve a safe, nurturing environment.

  • We believe that adolescence is an important time of transition, and that youth need and deserve compassion, encouragement, and support.

  • We believe that children and youth should be recognized and valued as a vital part of our community.

  • We believe change is needed within society to create a safe and healthy environment for children and youth.

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Jason McGill
Executive Director

Jason is a career social services professional who brings deep knowledge of working with young people experiencing homelessness. He is a community advocate who is rooted in Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion work.

He first became involved in efforts to address youth and young adult homelessness after working many years in a behavioral health hospital setting and witnessing the revolving door to treatment with many patients who identified as experiencing homelessness.

When asked if systems can be reformed his response has been and continues to be, "I believe that we could cultivate a community that is transformative, if we worked as a collective.".


Nicole T
Senior Director of Clinical & Centralized Services


Luis R
Director of
Housing Services

Maverick T
Director of Community & Healing Services

Rachel H
Director of Engagement Services


Sydney D
Associate Director of Strategy & Operations

Barrett Z
Associate Director of Culture & Employee Relations 


Ashtin C
Director of Learning & Impact


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Andy F
Associate Director of Skagit Housing Services

Lisa B
Associate Director of Engagement Services


Stephanie W
Associate Director
of Finance


Kristy G
Associate Director of Adolescent Services 

Terrance M
Associate Director of Adolescent Services

Dianne E
Accounts Payable & Banking Manager

Kiana J

 Learning and Development Manager

Lisa B
Associate Director of Engagement Services