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Empowering Youth Through Outreach and Engagement: Serving Whatcom County's Homeless and Housing Insecure Youth

Steet Outreach
Street Outreach

The Northwest Youth Services Outreach and Engagement Project (OEP) operates in Whatcom County, on the traditional lands of indigenous communities such as the Lummi Nation and Nooksack Tribe. Our mission is to support community members aged 13-24 facing homelessness and housing insecurity by providing resources, fostering relationships, and affirming their autonomy. We prioritize collective healing and justice to dismantle systems perpetuating youth homelessness, particularly impacting Black, Brown, Indigenous, and queer youth. OEP connects individuals with vital resources and opportunities, offering survival supplies, harm reduction tools, and non-judgmental support. Through Healing-centered Engagement, we empower youth to pursue their goals and envision a future beyond survival. Additionally, we collaborate with social services countywide to strengthen our community's safety net and ensure that all young people receive the support they deserve. 

Our Street Outreach Service provides street-based outreach in Bellingham and greater Whatcom County, Monday - Friday.  We work to locate and form relationships with youth experiencing homelessness (13-24 years old) with the goal of providing information and connecting these youth with services to support their unique needs.  Staff carry food and hygiene items to give out, as well as having clothes and camping supplies on hand.  Staff apply a youth-centered, healing-centered approach to all our interactions with youth and are trained in harm reduction and positive youth development.​​​

Photo of community resources
Skagit Connect Team

The Connect Team is a joint project of the Skagit County YMCA and Northwest Youth Services, supporting youth and young adults in Skagit County.

If you are between the ages of 12-24, living in Skagit County, and experiencing homelessness or an unstable housing situation, reach out to the Connect Team. Outreach staff can provide support, access to housing resources, and emergency supplies.

Skagit Office

Northwest Youth Services


Oasis Teen Shelter

Skagit Valley Family YMCA



Skagit Connct Team
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