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Empowering Youth Towards Independence and Thriving

Navigating Housing Challenges with Education and Employment

We recognize that for youth facing homelessness or housing insecurity, the road to independence and prosperity begins with access to education and employment opportunities.

At NWYS, our Employment & Education (E&E) services go beyond conventional support. We offer personalized assistance either in person or through remote channels, guiding youth to explore, identify, and ultimately achieve their goals in education and employment.

E&E is committed to connecting youth with community resources, ensuring they have the tools to forge their own paths. While we are not currently accepting volunteers, we encourage you to stay tuned for future developments as we continue to evolve and expand our impact.

Join us in creating a future where every young person has the resources and support needed to thrive independently.

E&E is not accepting volunteers at this time, but please stay tuned for further developments. 



Whatcom Education & Employment Coordinator

M/T/W (10a-3p)

F (10a-12p)


Call or Text

For education goals this can include

1:1 Support

In both Whatcom and Skagit counties, youth are able to connect 1:1 in person or remotely with an education and employment coordinator to build a plan that focuses on their individual goals.


For employment goals this can include:​

Youth Jobs (Whatcom)

Through our County-funded Youth Jobs service, youth are matched with an employer in the community where they apply and interview for short-term (1-3 months) paid job training opportunities. Youth wages are subsidized by Northwest Youth Services (100% @ current WA minimum wage). During the training period, the NWYS employment coordinator remains in communication with the site supervisor as needed and continues to work with youth to use their current skills, experience, and references to secure long-term employment in the community.


NWYS is proud to work with our excellent local Youth Jobs partners:​

If you are a local business or non-profit in Bellingham that is interested hiring a youth directly or learning more about participating in Youth Jobs please complete the form below or contact Barry MacHale, at (360) 746-4073 or

Want to hire a youth?
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Thanks for considering a youth employee!

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