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Why Support NWYS?

Becoming a Love Warrior offers an enhanced connection to Northwest Youth Services through exclusive communications, events, and community incentives. Love Warriors have a front-row seat to witness the tangible impacts their donations are making, allowing them to engage directly with the positive changes they are driving in the lives of young people in Whatcom and Skagit counties. This unique level of involvement ensures that Love Warriors are not just supporters but active participants in the journey toward ending youth homelessness.

  • We address a vital need. According to this annual report, one in seven individuals experiencing homelessness in Whatcom County were under the age of 18. During the 2021-22 school year, approximately 3.5% of students enrolled in the Whatcom County public school system experienced a housing crisis.  

  • Our services have a tangible impact. In 2022, our programming served 1,300 young people in Whatcom and Skagit. Over 170 young people were served by our Whatcom Street Outreach Team in 2022. 

  • Supporting NWYS means supporting young people’s autonomy. A portion of monthly donations goes towards direct cash transfers to the young people we serve, which in turn gives them autonomy. Direct cash transfers work, but we’re unable to provide them without community support. 

  • Supporting NWYS means supporting queer youth. According to the Trevor Project, 28% of LGBTQ+ youth have experienced housing instability or homelessness. NWYS’ Queer Youth Services provides vital support for queer youth and their loved ones.

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