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How we're growing at Northwest Youth Services

As part of our organizational growth, NWYS is excited to share that The Omni Center, led by Remy, our Director of Radical Intervention (pictured below), is almost complete! The Omni Center focuses on providing art-based radical services for BIB (Black, Indigenous, and Brown) youth, offering job and life skills, resume building, college application support, and cultural affirmation. Emphasizing community care and youth empowerment facilitates proactive diversion, channeling resources back to the youth and creating early pathways to economic mobility.

Meet Liam, our dedicated Outreach Projects Manager, gearing up to lead our Engagement Vehicle on a mission to provide crucial support to our neighbors. As we wait for the required permits for legal and safe operation, the truck stands ready to roll, poised to become a lifeline for our community. While we wait to launch, we're actively seeking contributions to ensure the sustained and enhanced operation of our truck.

Exciting news from Queer Youth Services (QYS)! Introducing the "Q-Center," a brand-new offsite location. This is a space for Queer-focused activities. The Q-Center will be a space providing a secure environment where young Queer individuals can find support, community, and the Trans Fashion Treasury for gender-affirming clothing. Stay tuned for updates as we create a nurturing space, fostering community and empowerment for LGBTQ+ youth.


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