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Celebrating Black History Month: A Tribute to Remarkable Contributions

Photo by Remy Styrkowicz, Director of Radical Intervention |


As we commemorate Black History Month, we honor the remarkable contributions and achievements of Black Americans throughout history. This month serves as a time to reflect on the struggles, triumphs, and rich cultural heritage of the black community and experience. From trailblazers like Audre Lorde, James Baldwin, Octavia Butler, bell hooks, and local, activist Kristina Michelle Martins, Council Member Skip Williams, Sheriff Donnell 'Tank' Tanksley, Russ Whidbee, and retired WWU professor Damani Johnson, to the countless unsung hero's who have shaped our world in various ways, the impact of black people is undeniable and profound. 


Black History Month is not only a time to celebrate the past but also to acknowledge the ongoing journey toward our collective liberation. It is a reminder of the intersections of race and homelessness in our community. It is a reminder of why NWYS has a mission to end youth and young adult homelessness. Let us take this opportunity to educate ourselves, amplify black voices, and work together to manifest the beloved community that Dr. King spoke of during the civil rights movement. 


Join us in honoring Black History Month and recognizing the invaluable contributions of the black community to our collective history and culture. 


Keep on keepin' on


Jason McGill

Executive Director


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