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Meet Rika (they/them)

Updated: Mar 28

Rika's connection with Northwest Youth Services (NWYS) began not as a recipient of our services, but rather as a dynamic participant in our Youth Action Board (YAB). This engagement, centered on system change and community advocacy, has proven transformative for Rika, propelling them into a role where they meaningfully contribute to creating change.

Through mentors like Eve and Oliver, Rika discovered not only a platform for civic engagement but also a supportive environment that encouraged self-expression. Eve's influence went beyond guidance; it provided Rika with a sense of comfort and acceptance as a nonbinary individual. Oliver, leading the YAB, played a pivotal role in fostering Rika's confidence to voice opinions with authenticity.

Rika's journey exemplifies the impact of NWYS beyond traditional services, showcasing how participation in our programs can be a catalyst for personal and community development. Their evolution from a participant to a confident change-maker within the YAB exemplifies the transformative potential of supportive mentorship and community engagement at Northwest Youth Services.


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